The Best Tips To Having Charming Modern Minimalist Home Design

Currently, modern minimalist home design is a favorite choice for many people, especially young couples who live in urban areas. However, in fact there are still many people who misunderstand the meaning of minimalist housing. Some people still think that a minimalist house is certainly small and small. Meanwhile, it’s not really like that.

What is a Minimalist House? Minimalist home design is a simple arrangement of space, highlighting efficiency, and prioritizing the function of each piece of furniture. If you can organize it properly, your home will be simple, but look stunning. So, for those of you who want to make it, take a peek at the following minimalist home design guide.

1. Focus on the function

Before designing a minimalist home, you need to think about the function of each existing room. For example, if you want to have a lot of guests, you have to maximize the use of the living room and prepare lots of sofas.

However, if you often work from home, make sure you prepare your own work space that can improve focus. The key to a minimalist look is to keep the room open and wide or also called the open space concept.

2. Wear neutral colors

Neutral paint colors are the main component of a cool and simple modern minimalist home design. You can choose white, cream, brown, and earth tones as an option for an attractive room. Not only that, monochrome colors, such as gray, dark, and white can also be a good choice, you know.

Now, just like a room, tile floors in the house can also brighten and add to the look of the house. You can use wood patterned floors to give a modern minimalist feel to your home. If you want to use a wood motif, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can use vinyl as a more affordable alternative.

3. Take advantage of natural light

Natural light is also important in a minimalist home. Not only can it make a house look big, this natural light source can also produce an aesthetic corner of the house.

You can use large windows so that you allow a lot of natural light to enter. Not only that, big windows will also be the best photographed spots in the house. You just need to add transparent curtains to give more privacy to the house.

4. Use glass at various angles

Sometimes, many people don’t want to change the windows in their house because the budget will be bigger. In conclusion, the house does not have a lot of natural light. Well, if you face this problem, you can try another alternative by using glass. Choose a large glass and place it in several corners of the house. Glass can not only help expand the appearance of a room, but can also be a beautiful decoration for a modern minimalist home design.

5. Select multifunctional and space-saving furniture

To produce a modern minimalist home design, you need to use multifunctional furniture. For example, choosing a kitchen cabinet that you can fold and pull into a dining table.

Not only that, you can also use bedroom cots, which have storage areas or other multifunctional furniture. This will help you save a lot of space in the house.

6. Add simple decorative lights

One way to create a modern minimalist home design is to add simple decorative lights.

You can use pendant lamps, spotlights, or booth lamps with attractive designs to give an artistic feel to the room.

Not only that, you can also choose decorative lamps that have gold or copper accents to make the room look prettier, like the following pendant lamp suggestion.

7. Share a touch of houseplants

So that it doesn’t seem boring, you can add a touch of ornamental plants to make the room beautiful. Not only that, the green color of ornamental plants can help soften the room and add to the aesthetics.

So, if you get a bouquet of flowers from someone close to you, you can arrange them in a vase to make a beautiful decoration at home. You can use monstera in the corner of the room, succulents on the coffee table, and flower vases on the dining table.

8. Selection of furniture that can be a decoration

Multifunctional furniture alone is not good if the design is less attractive. Currently, there are many multifunctional furniture that have unique designs and attractive colors. So, you can use this furniture as a home decoration.