The Best Tips To Get Elegant Bathroom Design

Nowadays, many people not only design bathroom for self-cleaning purposes, but also incorporate relaxation into them. To create a bathroom design that is safe and according to wishes, of course everyone has their own dream. For those of you who have big tastes, maybe you want a bathroom that looks elegant.

So, to create an elegant bathroom, you don’t have to always make a big budget, you know. There are some clever tips or methods that you can use to create an elegant bathroom look, but always with a small budget. Curious? Come on, listen.

1. Use a Hairy Carpet

The texture used in the room will be very helpful in increasing comfort as well as the impression of elegance. One that you can use is a furry mat. Feather mats can be bathroom accessories with a striking appearance. A very dominating and different appearance compared to other elements in the bathroom is perfect for building a luxurious atmosphere.

2. Use White as the Dominant Color

A bathroom that uses white will appear cleaner, simpler, but still elegant. The white color is also suitable for combining with various furniture or room styles. This color is also suitable to be used to produce an elegant bathroom atmosphere. To add a luxurious and natural impression to the room, you can also add plants in the bathroom. Not only that, choose a bathtub, sink, and cabinet with a touch of white.

3. Add Plants for a Natural Atmosphere

As previously mentioned, the bathroom can also look elegant with a touch of fresh plants in it. Plants can soothe your mind that needs relaxation after a tired day of activities outside the home. So that plants can always live and look fresh, also pay attention to the lighting and placement of ornamental plants in the bathroom.

4. Selection of Gold Color and Marble Material

The gold color and material made from marble always succeed in giving a luxurious impression to any room. There’s nothing wrong with using both of them in the bathroom to make it look more elegant. For example, gold accents on the shower or mirror frames and marble materials on the bathroom floor. Marble material does have a fairly expensive price. To get around this, you can also use wallpaper with marble motifs in one of the rooms in the dry zone.

5. Present the Bathtub

It feels incomplete if you make an elegant bathroom without the presence of a bathtub. For that, you can also leave empty space in the bathroom to place a bathtub. If your bathroom space is relatively small, you can choose an oval-shaped bathtub to create a clean, minimalist and flexible impression in the bathroom.

6. Add Wooden Stairs

Well, this is one of the makeup elements that’s trending lately. The use of wooden staircase makeup in the bathroom can also make it look elegant, you know. Place a wooden ladder rack in the bathroom as a place to hang towels or to place some toiletries. This wood element will add a natural feel to the bathroom. Not only that, this rack can also make towels dry quickly and keep the bathroom neat.

7. Separate the Dry and Wet Zones

Want to make the bathroom like a 5-star hotel? Usually, hotel bathrooms always separate the area into dry and wet zones. Well, you can also apply this trick in your home bathroom. Use a shower screen to separate wet and dry areas, as well as make the bathroom look more modern. If the dimensions of the bathroom are relatively small, use a sliding door as a space-saving separator.

8. Create a Large Dimensional Window

Of course you don’t want to have a cramped bathroom without ventilation, do you? So that the bathroom feels safer, the circulation of air in it must also be regulated properly. Now, by making a window that is quite large, the lighting and air in the bathroom can always feel fresh whenever it is used. Natural freshness from the outside will immediately provide cool air in the bathroom.

Making an elegant bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive, you know. By practicing some of the tips above, you can get a bathroom that looks beautiful and safe.