The Best Tips for Spacious and ‘Homey’ Living Room

Who says having a large living room makes it easier for us to arrange it? Indeed, having a spacious living room will make it easier for us to place many things. However, it seems that having a spacious living room sometimes makes homeowners even feel confused about being able to decorate it properly. Here’s an easy guide to decorating a spacious living room to keep it safe.

The living room is one of the most important parts of the house. If the living room looks safe and beautiful, then most likely the rest of the house is just as beautiful. Even though your living room has large dimensions, the decoration or arrangement also needs to be adjusted. This is what makes you need to determine the right and appropriate makeup to be applied in your spacious living room.

1. Choose furniture that is large and thick

If the living room area tends to be small, then ideally you should choose furniture that is small and thin. On the other hand, a spacious living room makes you free to use large furniture. The use of large and thick furniture will give the impression of a spacious living room that looks full and appropriate. You can choose chairs and guest tables with large dimensions.

In order to blend in with the room, you should choose chairs and coffee tables in neutral colors, such as cream, ivory white or gray. Complement it with a large crystal chandelier to add lighting while adding a touch of luxury to the living room.

2. Hold a large carpet for the room

Having a spacious living room makes all the corners in the house look real. By rolling out a large carpet, it can fill the empty impression in the spacious living room.

Not only that, using a large rug with the right theme can support the concept you choose to be sturdy while making the atmosphere warmer.

3. Set the seating zone

If you have trouble finding large furniture or the living room still feels spacious, then you can divide up several seating areas. Add a corner seating zone, different from the main seat zone. In this corner sitting area you can complete it with various kinds of knick-knacks such as bookshelves, plants, or others.

The plus point with having these 2 seating zones is that you can choose which area is used for welcoming guests you may not know and one more zone for you to use to welcome close guests such as family or close relatives.

4. Proper lighting for the room

The next spacious living room design inspiration is to choose the right lighting. Because after all a spacious living room also demands good lighting too. Because if you choose the wrong lighting, it will make the corners of the living room dark because it is darker. Use a small lamp on the parts that are not covered by a hanging bonus lamp or standing lamp.

5. Place some of the plants at the room

Placing some plants in the living room might be something you stay away from when you have a small space. But on the other hand, when you have a large living room, plants can be a suitable decoration to make the room livelier.

Not only does it make the living room more aesthetically pleasing, placing several types of plants will also help provide oxygen which will make the living room cooler and fresher.

6. Give decoration on the sides of the room

When you have a large living room, your focus should not only be on the middle zone, but also think about the sides of the room. The mistake that many people make when decorating a large living room is ignoring the side of the room which may be considered insignificant. Meanwhile this is wrong, ignoring the sides of the room will actually make your living room empty and look less attractive. Meanwhile, to make it look more aesthetically pleasing is quite easy.

Just hang some paintings or pictures in the room and place some vases, your favorite antique jars, or maybe a small table for the corner of the room. Having a large or small living room is actually not a problem, the main thing is that you can arrange the living room so that it looks safe and pleasing to the eye.