The Best Tips Choosing Sofas For Your Home

Sofas are an important part that will affect the appearance of a room in a minimalist home. Are you planning to change or buy a new sofas? If so, you might be able to think about the choice of sofas models that follow this year’s trends. Not only in terms of dimensions that make up the size of the room, Mother can also choose models according to trends so that it feels new and up to date.

The various types of sofas that follow the trend are not only concerned with appearance but also with function. A short back with a vintage touch is one of the newest sofas models that is suitable for your home. Before changing or buying a new sofas, first follow the guide to choosing sofas for a minimalist home according to trends. You can be sure that your sofas will always be comfortable and modern!

1. High-tech

Quoting from Hackrea, one sofas for a minimalist home that is trending this year is a high-tech type. Sofas controlled by remote control, firm angles, to rectangular armrests still adorn the 2021 trend.

A sofas bed that can be converted into a bed is also suitable for a minimalist home. Various high-tech sofas with simple designs are still an option today.

2. Short backrest

Another guide to selecting sofas for a minimalist home is to look for a model with a short back. Not only does it look simpler for a minimalist home with a small room, sofas with short backs are also very contemporary.

With a short back, you can arrange some rectangular pillows as a sweetener. You can choose a short-backed sofas model for a minimalist home with sharp corners or half a circle.

3. Vintage touch

Since early 2021, the vintage trend in interior design has increased, including in the matter of selecting minimalist home sofas. Sofas with wooden legs or made of rattan also give a trend color in 2021.

4. Scandinavians

A guide to choosing sofas for the next minimalist home can look for Scandinavian models that are trending this year. The model is simple, instant, and suitable for a minimalist home.

The armrests of the designed sofas are minimalist in design and the curved top corners are also in the same style. The retro as well as modern style is formed through Scandinavian sofas that are sure to make your minimalist home beautiful.

5. Material that is easy to clean

Modern sofas for today’s minimalist homes are designed with materials that are easy to clean. So, you don’t need to be very afraid anymore when your child accidentally spills his food on the sofas or distributes colored streaks on his favorite sofas.

Make sure to choose the best material before buying a sofas that is easy to clean and stain resistant. You can consult first so you don’t regret after buying it.

6. Selection of trending colors

One more guide to selecting sofas for a minimalist home, is to look for a trending color. Quoted from decoraid, contemporary motifs such as oceanside shades are a blend of green and blue in shades of black, millennial pink, classic white, gray, to metallic.

7. Slender legs

Sofas that are heavy and difficult to move are definitely no longer an option in 2021. Try choosing a sofas with slender legs for your minimalist home. Some sofas even have detachable legs to make it easier when they want to be moved.