How To Keep The House Clean So That It Is Healthy And Looks Beautiful

There are many examples of cooperation at home, the point is to direct the meaning of togetherness, responsibility, if all family members take turns needing it, is something that is meant to be instilled in all family members.

There are many ways to keep your home clean so that it stays healthy and beautiful. Here are 10 tricks that you can apply to all family members. Among others:

1. How to keep the house clean by making the bed when you wake up in the morning

The first thing we do in the morning is waking up. Before starting the activity, you should first arrange your bed. With a neat atmosphere and room conditions, daily schedules will feel lighter and more fun to do.

In addition, if a series of routines have been carried out, you will be safer to rest because the room is clean and tidy. Change the bedding set regularly so that it is always kept clean and free from adhering dust.

2. Sweeping and Mopping the House

How often do you practice this method of keeping your house clean? The majority of people often rule out sweeping and mopping the house. Usually, they will only do both when the floor just feels dirty. Meanwhile, by making it a daily routine, cleanliness will be felt more.

Not only that, routinely open all windows and other forms of air circulation so that the air inside the house still feels fresh. A healthy home has easy air circulation, and lots of sunlight that can enter the house.

3. Returning Things to Their Place

The next way to keep the house clean is to put things back in place. For example, storing cutlery on a shelf after finishing a meal together, returning novels to the cupboard, or simply putting stationery or toys back into the storage box.

Many of us don’t realize that it’s trivial things like this that can make a home feel nicer and more enjoyable to look at. With this method too, you won’t face running out because you don’t remember where to store your things.

4. Don’t Delay Washing Dishes

Washing dishes is one routine that is often postponed. If left too long, these piled up dishes in the laundry area can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea and abdominal pain due to germs that arise. Therefore, as much as possible, wash the dishes as soon as you finish cooking or eating with your family.

When making a kitchen set, the size of the table and so on must match the size of the home owner. Don’t have to bend over when washing dishes, because it makes your body shape unsafe.

5. Serve Dry Trash in the House

Discussing hygiene issues certainly will not be separated from garbage. Just like when we are outside the house, always apply the principle of disposing of trash in its place. This can be supported by providing a trash can in the house.

But it should be noted, indoor trash should only be used for dry waste only. These efforts are attempted to avoid the stench that can fill all the rooms in your home.

Then, also provide another trash can right outside the door of the house to dispose of wet trash. That way, you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the area as well as the air in the house.

6. Wash clothes according to schedule

This routine can be suitable for those of you who are married. Living with someone increases the burden of household activities, including washing clothes.

Try to arrange an agenda every 2 days to carry out this one activity. You can also use electronic equipment such as a washing machine if you want to save energy. After finishing, don’t forget to quickly dry the clothes directly in the sun to avoid the musty smell.

7. Rinse the Bathroom Routinely

Health can be protected by regularly disinfecting the bathroom.

Every day we use the bathroom, both when defecating or taking a shower. Cleanliness of the bathroom is a vital aspect in order to protect our body so that it is free from various diseases. Because of that, the method of keeping the house clean really needs to be implemented properly.

Various routines that must be tried include scrubbing floors and furniture in the bathroom, cleaning toiletries regularly, cleaning closets, and not leaving the bathroom damp.

8. Digesting Unused Objects

Involve children in sorting objects that are no longer used but can be recycled

Most of you certainly have a lot of furniture that you don’t really use anymore. But that doesn’t mean you can throw away some of these items right away. Who knows these objects still have other properties.

Therefore, try to sort out which furniture can still be processed into other useful objects and which ones need to be thrown away. By doing this regularly, the waste in the house will decrease and there will be more space that can be used for other uses.

9. Regularly Rinse Furniture from Dust

The next way to keep the house clean is to wipe the furniture. Sounds easy right? But in reality, each family who lives in a dwelling is not certain to carry out this one routine.

Even though it is not visible to the naked eye, the furniture in your house accumulates fine dust carried by the wind. If left for too long, without us realizing this dust will bring respiratory problems to us.

10. Use Vacuum Cleaner

Currently, technology continues to grow, including for household needs. If the series of methods to keep the house clean that have been mentioned are hard to try, try using technology such as vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

A vacuum cleaner will help you clean floors and furniture. On the other hand, an air purifier will minimize dirty air from remaining in the room by sucking it in.