European House Design with its Characteristics

Characteristics of European Houses. European homes are recognizable by their unique classic designs. European houses are in demand because they have their own distinctive characteristics. Quoting from All Things Stone, the following are some of the distinctive characteristics of European home designs:

1. Has more than 1 floor

European-style houses are known for their splendor and luxury, so that the initial characteristics of this house style are having more than one floor and having large ceilings. This is what makes European design look more magnificent. But there are also European style houses which are only one floor but are still elegant.

2. There is a Chimney

In the European region there are 4 periods one of which is the cold season. This is what makes a European style house have a chimney as a way for the smoke from burning wood to warm up the room.

3. Has a sloping and high roof

Having a sloping and large roof is a distinctive characteristic of a European style house so that the house looks more balanced. The roof model used is usually a steep pyramid roof model and a mansard roof that has windows.

4. Have Pillars

The next characteristic feature is having towering pillars or towers. This pillar stands firmly from the ground to the very top floor of the house if the house has more than one. The usual shape of the pillars is cylindrical or hexagon shaped. This pillar is generally white or another neutral color.

5. Large Window Dimensions

Apart from its large size, what makes a European style house look magnificent is that it has large and many windows. This is useful for expediting the circulation of air and light. Generally, there are trellises on windows that are built in such a way as to enhance a thick, classic European impression. Usually, European house designs use double-hung windows consisting of 2 tiers. The double-hung design is also combined with a design that looks like an inverted U from the outside.

6. Has Lots of Ornaments

Ornaments make the house look more elegant. The many detailed ornaments are a distinctive characteristic that is thick with European designs. Among other things, these ornaments are typical European style carvings which give the impression of elegance and splendor.

European home inspiration

The following are 10 European home designs that can provide inspiration for you in designing your dream home.

1. Old World European Home Design

Quoting from Mark Stewart’s website, this European house design with an ancient style has a magnificent design, has a cool charm and is equipped with modern facilities. It has an external style of a combination of English and French countries with a solid striped roof, made of stone accents with a steep pyramid roof.

2. Contemporary Modern European Home Design

Even though it has a contemporary style, the design of this house still looks European in style because it has a large and magnificent door. The window design also has large dimensions that match the identity of European design. This contemporary house does not really feature flashy ornaments. The combination of modern design and the typical design of a classic European house makes this contemporary design more attractive and elegant.

3. European Country Design

This house with European Country design has a facade design that is balanced, magnificent and looks big, and has a steep roof. Because of the large roof, the house doesn’t seem to have 2 floors and can give a unique look. This model house has rooms made of red bricks and large double-hung windows.

4. Simple European House Design with a Chimney

The chimney seems to have become a distinctive characteristic of European-style houses. This is because the European region has a cold period, which of course requires the presence of a heating stove connected to a chimney. In Indonesia, which is located on a large plain with low temperatures, chimney designs can be improved to increase beauty or to be used as a burning place when the rainy season comes.

5. European House Design with Unique Ornaments

European style houses have many detailed ornaments on the inside and outside. This is one of the distinctive characteristics of European-style home designs. Generally, if the facade is made of brick, carvings will be given to make the facade look more beautiful. Moreover, in an elegant house, it is given expensive ornaments and has great artistic value.

6. Greek Revival European House

Another distinctive characteristic of European houses is that they have pillars. Generally, European design houses with large dimensions contain large and magnificent pillars as well. Not only are there pillars outside the room or on the terrace of the house, pillars are usually also found indoors. So, for this design it is called Greek Revival because it is motivated by the pillars in the Greek temple. Not only for beauty and security, this pillar is usually used as a room divider.