Decorate Tips with Carpet, Make Rooms More Modern and Homey

Do you feel that your room is lacking something? It looks plain and lacks something? Try adding a carpet. Rugs are an easy way to add a unique touch to your room without the need for a lot of other accessories. Not only that, rugs can also brighten up a room with a touch of pattern and color. Plus, the carpet can also make the room feel safer. There are many ideas for decorating using rugs, and Rukita will choose some for you that look modern, unique and safe!

1. Anti-Cold Feet Carpet

If you have a rectangular rug, you can use this rug to place at the bottom of the bed, so that you cover your feet when you get out of bed.

You can place it vertically next to a single bed or across a queen or king size bed. This way, not only does the room look safe, when you get out of bed, your feet won’t get cold either.

2. Large striped carpet so the room looks big

If your room is small, you can use a rug with outlines so that your room looks spacious, follow the length of the lines on the carpet. If your room has a modern makeup style, stripes will definitely suit you. You can choose muted colors for a more minimalist style or more striking colors if you are adventurous enough.

3. Fluffy rug

Shag type carpets or fluffy carpets are actually classic thick and hairy carpets. In the current era, this carpet is often used for online shop portrait properties. But actually, this type of carpet will give a warm and warm impression to your room.

If you want the impression of a classic and minimalist room, you can choose a plain fluffy rug. If you want something modern and doesn’t seem old-fashioned, you can choose a patterned one. You can keep this rug at the bottom of your bed or on the side of the bed if you have a single bed.

4. Abstract Patterned Carpet

This rug with an abstract motif can be used in bold rooms or plain and minimalist rooms. For rooms that are already very sharp and lively, you can use only monochrome or dark and white abstract motif rugs. You do this so that the appearance is still in harmony with your already colorful room, but choose a pattern that suits your taste, okay!

For a minimalist room with a very neutral tone like white or cream, you can choose a rug with an abstract motif that looks sharp or colorful. With this you make your carpet a statement piece in the room.

5. Bohemian Style Carpet

Many people like the bohemian style or commonly called boho for decorating their rooms, because it has a unique, colorful, vintage and edgy impression. If you want to have a room full of colors and patterns with a contemporary art style, you can also use boho rugs to cover part of the floor of your room.

If your room is completely boho in style with various ethnic cloth accessories here and there, you can also add a boho rug, but make sure the basic color matches the overall tone of the room, OK?

6. Minimalist Style Carpet

If you really like the minimalist design style, you can make your room always beautiful, neat and simple with carpets. The minimum color selection can be in your room, for example, only 3 colors. Then. Install a large neutral-colored rug in your room (preferably a decade-sized mattress spread out in the middle of the room).

An easy match example, if your room has blue and white shades, you can install a plain brown carpet to balance the colors and give a simple impression. You can also choose a rug made of rattan or woven seagrass to make it feel like you are by the sea.

7. Corner Mounted

Carpets that are installed with oblique angles can add a unique and modern impression to your room. Choose a carpet color that contrasts with your floor. For example, if your floor is white, choose a dark rug and place it at an angled angle at the base of the mattress.

The position of the mattress can also be tilted or it’s always normal if your room is big enough to mess with the position of the mattress. That way, the carpet will give a touch of modern minimalist design to your room.

8. Wall-to-wall Carpeting

Many people like to buy carpets that cover the entire floor of the room. However, so that it doesn’t seem like a meeting room carpet, you can choose a soft carpet color that matches all the colors in your room and put all your furniture on it to make it look nice.

If your room furniture has many colors, you can also choose a carpet with matching colors and undertones.

9. Classic and Elegant Persian Rugs

If you were given a colorful Persian rug from your parents, and you are worried because it doesn’t seem to suit your modern room, you don’t have to worry. This rug can add a touch of color to a modern room without feeling old-fashioned.

Let all the contents of your room always be filled with modern items and neutral tones. If in your room there are lots of dark or black colored objects, then a classic rug with a slightly faded or soft color will make your room seem more inviting.

On the other hand, for rooms that are predominantly white or cream, classic rugs with more prominent colors (such as dark blue and dark red) will make your room richer in color. This type of carpet will add an elegant impression to your room!

10. Small and Round Carpets

Many marketplaces sell round rugs with small dimensions, ranging from simple to classic patterns. You can put this rug under the sofa or under the low table in the room, of course it is used to decorate your room and highlight the position of the table or sofa. You can also put this rug at the foot of the bed.

A round rug can provide a different dynamic in a room because of its unique shape. Not only that, if your room has wooden floors, you can also use carpets to protect the floor from friction of sofas or tables. In fact, using carpets to decorate rooms is not difficult, yes, there are many ideas that can make your room more unique, safe and beautiful. Instead of worrying about sorting out other room accessories, it’s better to just use a carpet, come on!